Blackjack Mania (FREE) App Reviews

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Absolutely unthought-over app! How could the dev even put in on the app store?


The developers should've given more thought to the game. It is impossible to play!

Blackjack Mania

It looks unattractive. the gameplay has not been worked at carefully.

It's alright.

It's not worth any money but I Got it for free so I can't complain.

Sub-Standard Game!

This game as well of most others are reflective on how much thought was put into it. Seems like this was thrown together in a few hours. In this case the buttons have to be pushed repeatedly to make them work which is a prerequisite for most of your games. And then theres the pop-up window asking to use my location while I'm trying to play. The consumers abilty to play this game is not the most forethought priority when making this game. Even though its free it should at least be a playable game so I've come to the conclusion never to purchase a game from this company because of its common 1 or 2 stars reviews......such as mine!

Waste of money !!!!!!

Slow, no splits, no double down, dealer will stand on 15.

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